Product List:

Planetary Mixers

No other manufacturer offers the same combination of quality and value as provided by our Planetary Mixers. These machinese are built to last and are easy to operate.


Spiral Mixers

Engineered to handle a large workdload. Many capacities available.

Meat Grinders

These commercial grinders are built with heavy-duty construction. Stainless steel parts and powerful motors will ensure operation for long periods of time.

Meat Mixer/Grinder

Two job at once, mixes and grinds meat.


Meat Tenderizer

This machine incorporates advanced technology that will tenderize meat at incredible speed.

Vertical Cutter Mixer

This product line cuts and mixes to your expectations.

Pizza Dough Roller

Professional pizza dough rollers that saves you time and energy. Models with various capacity available.

Bread Slicers

Powerful bread slicers designed for virtually every type of bread.

Dough Sheeters

Table-top and floor model versions available. These machines handle dough sheeting needs fast and easily.

Professional Food Processors

With this powerful machine, you will be able to process your food with ease.

Dough Divider/Rounders

Semi-automatic dough  divider/rounder makes production easier and faster.


Bowl Lifters / Tilters

Now you can lift and tilt heavy bowls with ease of operation.

Potatoe Peelers

Electrical potatoe peelers can peel up to 70lbs of raw potatoes in 3 minutes!


Hand-Held Mixers

Designed for easy and fast mixing of: soups, whipping cream, light dough, dressing, batters, cakes, pancakes, chopped parsley, refried beans, stews, instant potatoes, gravies...etc.


A list of all accessories available.


Stainless Steel Meat Saw

These high quality stainless steel meat/bone saws provide all the power and precision you need for the results you want.

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