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After more than 30 years of experience in providing durable, long lasting and cost effective mixers and other food service equipment; Thunderbird Food Machinery, Inc. has continued to strive for excellence within every endeavor. All around us, in this industry, we see the rise & fall of many organizations. Through modern engineering & good old fashion durability, Thunderbird has maintained the reputation of being one of the world's most RELIABLE suppliers of food service machinery in the industry.

"We, here at THUNDERBIRD take pride in our products. The face of THUNDERBIRD is changing; bringing in and birthing out new mottos & ethics in our business practices. We value each relationship we form because there are no 'spare customers'. We have brought in new teams of Customer Service driven individuals at all of our corporate offices. We stand behind our products, employees and the promise of exceeding expectations in every endeavor THUNDERBIRD chooses to follow. We WILL do all we can to ensure satisfaction!"

Thunderbird Food Machinery, Inc. is the new preferential choice & contracted supplier of dough mixers to YUM Restaurants International. "YUM" a.k.a. Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, A&W & Long John Silvers.
Within the last few years, Thunderbird's planetary mixers have become an industry leading machine. Many are quoted as saying that "They provide the perfect balance between quality and price; therefore, Thunderbird dough mixers have become a HOT item in the foodservice industry!" Only Thunderbird can offer up to seven years extended warranty and has agents across the US and Canada.

After all these years, Thunderbird remains. Thirty years of serving the world by providing durable, long lasting and cost effective food service equipment is what has kept them running strong. Thunderbird Food Machinery, Inc. truly is "building the best value mixers for the smartest consumers." I say, if Thunderbird mixers are the choice of the nations leading chain, what are YOU waiting for? Get an edge on the industry! Choose Thunderbird dough mixers and other machines for all your needs!


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4602 BRASS WAY, DALLAS, TX. 75236



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P.O. BOX 4768, BLAINE, WA. 98231


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